Arctic River
9"x20" Oil on Canvas


My name, Vivian, means "Full of Life" and I  deliberately try to bring creativity and life to my studio. Whether painting or working with clay, I aim to create works that evoke a sense of optimism in the viewer, reminding people that life is with worth living. 

Growing up on the remote Colville Indian Reservation in rural eastern Washington  shaped my love for nature, art, and different cultures. Landscapes and still life are my favorite subject matter for painting- whereas functional pieces are my favorite to create when hand-building ceramics or throwing on the potter's wheel. You will find nods to different cultures in various projects as well. All cultual pieces are done with respect and honor to the cultures being represented. 

I love to create. and work in a wide variety of mediums. When I am not painting or working with clay, I enjoy using pen. marker, collage, and watercolors. 

My love for painting has taken me to Sweden, Iceland, France, and Greece- and I have had the privilege of being featured in various art shows both internationally (Reykjavik, Iceland and Parikia, Greece) as well as here in the United States. 

Ceramic work has been featured in shows here in Washington state and many pieces (both large and small) have found permanent homes.

As I grow, my art grows and changes- that's to be expected. No matter how it grows or changes over the years, you can expect that my work will always be pointing the viewer in a positive direction.

Let's Collaborate

Art grows when it is shared. Do you need an illustrator for a project? Are you curating a show that would be a good fit for my work? Get in touch and tell me more about your project!

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